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Leicester Bird Control

Leicester Bird Control and Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

If you’re currently dealing with a pigeon or seagull problem, we’re here to help. Here at EWS we have a wide range of bird control solutions available. Whether you’re in need of simple bird netting or a high-tech bird dispersal system, we’re here to help. Bird control helps to limit damage caused by birds – both to your premises and your business’ reputation. Leicester Council have recently cracked down on bird feeding in local parks and public spaces, due to the amount of birds in the area.

Areas We Operate Our Bird Control Service

We operate our bird control service across the whole of the UK, as well as Leicester, below is a brief list of some of the key areas that we cover in Leicestershire.

Other Services

We also have a variety of pest control services available, click the button below to find out more about the pest control services in Leicester that we have on offer.

Why Would You Need Bird Control?

Quite often, birds, especially pigeons and seagulls, can become a real nuisance to your business. It’s not just the chaos they cause; They can also damage your facility by ripping off shingles, clogging gutters, and driving away your customers – damaging your reputation.

There are also other issues that make it necessary to take bird control measures as soon as possible. Pigeons and seagulls on your property can cause a wide range of problems. For example, they can deface buildings and vehicles with their droppings.They often contaminate driveways and sidewalks, which can become dangerously slippery. Birds promote the infestation of insects such as bird mites, textile beetles and fleas, which are attracted to their nests and roosts. They can also attack customers and their families, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young. Birds also pose a health risk in some circumstances, due to the unhygienic conditions that they create which can spread diseases such as ornithosis, E.Coli and salmonella.

Scarecrow Bird Dispersal System

EWS Fauna management is a recognized distributor and installer of the Scarecrow bird dispersal systems that uses startled cries. The British Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Ltd. has been producing and has been the market leader of these bio-acoustic systems developed by sound technicians and ornithologists for 30 years. EWS Fauna management has had experience with placing Scarecrow bird dispersal systems in a variety of locations for more than a decade.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is a simple, low-cost but effective solution to stop birds from roosting in or on your property. Netting stops birds from being able to land in spots that they would typically be attracted to, such as balconies, roofs and loading bays.

Bird Spikes Leicester

Bird spikes are one of the most effective ways to remove birds from your property. Although they may look dangerous, bird spikes are harmless to birds. Bird spikes can be placed on ledges and place where birds would typically perch – such as windows sills and guttering. Coupled with bird netting, bird spikes are capable of solving bird problems in the majority of cases.

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Leicester

Solar panel pigeon proofing is one of our most popular services in Leicester. Birds often nest under solar panels for cover, which can cause a variety of problems. Roosting under solar panels causes a lot of damage to solar panel setups, and that is why solar panel pigeon proofing is critical.  We have been offering a solar panel pigeon proofing service in Leicester for nearly 15 years. There a number of ways to protect your solar panels, and at EWS we have a wide range of solutions for a wide range of budgets.