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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

If you own a commercial premise than you’re most likely aware of the devastating impact that pests can have on your business. Here at EWS Group, we are experts in commercial pest control, and can help both you and your business become pest free. We execute a wide range of pest control methods, from prevention to extermination. We pride ourselves on the discrete nature of our services, and we aim to ensure that your business gets the privacy it deserves. For over 15 years we have been working with a wide range of industries, from food production to healthcare. If you’re in need of commercial pest control, contact us today.

Areas We Cover

Here at EWS we mainly operate in and around the UK’s major cities and towns, although we are capable of servicing the whole of the UK. If you are interested in carrying out commercial pest control, we are the company for you. We have been operating across the whole of the UK for the past 15 years, in almost every sector that you can think of.

Commercial Pest Control

If you're in need of pest control for your commercial premises, contact us today. We are capable of helping your business meet its pest control goals.

Commercial Pest Control Industries

Here at EWS, we are capable of dealing with a wide range of pests, across a wide range of industries. Take a look at some of the primary sectors that we cover in the list below.

Transport Companies

Bus stops, tram stops, train stations and car parks are often seriously contaminated. Passengers, visitors and other users leave food leftovers, packaging and other contaminants behind. This soiling makes the locations a pleasant place for pests and other vermin. This can cause a lot of nuisance, which is hard to control. The means of transport itself can become contaminated with pests such as fleas, bed bugs or other annoying insects or mites.

EWS Pest Control has experience with the use of IPM for transport companies. Prevention and monitoring are especially important here. 

Agricultural Pest Control

In the agricultural sector, pests such as rats, mice, flying insects and birds can cause a lot of nuisance. They can disturb the surroundings of people and animals by carrying diseases or contaminating feed stocks. But they can also damage machines or chew through cables.

To prevent pests and reduce nuisance to a minimum, continuous monitoring and agricultural pest control is required. As of 1 January 2017, the exterior use of anticoagulants is prohibited by law. This amendment demands even more intensive use of pest management, according to the requirements of IPM.

Healthcare Industry

Good hygiene is crucial in health care. The location and facilities need to be as clean and sterile as possible to prevent possible infection. Hospitals, care homes, etc. often have a professional kitchen, restaurant and commercial food points. The presence of pests leads to contamination of patients, visitors and staff. This is why pest prevention, monitoring and control is of utmost importance.

EWS Pest Control has many years of experience with pest control in health care. We focus on prevention in order to avoid unwanted situations, complaints and harming image. Our employees are familiar with all applicable standards and can guide your staff in meeting these strict audit standards.

Hotel Pest Management

A good reputation is extremely important in the hotel business! The presence of pests can lead to a bad experience for your guests. This negative experience is easily shared with potential guests via social media, which can have a negative influence on your general reputation. EWS Pest Control can help you prevent this!

EWS Pest Control identifies the possible risks in your hotel and draws up a personal pest management plan on this basis. This can include bed bugs, cockroaches and other insects. Our specialised employees possess all knowledge and means to remove mapped out risks.

Food Industry Pest Control

Working hygienically and keeping pests to a minimum is vital in the food industry. Companies have to meet strict hygiene quality requirements to guarantee food safety. Pest control is indispensable in the food industry! Taking preventive as well as repressive measures prevents contamination of food stuffs. The employees of EWS Pest Control have up-to-date knowledge of all applicable standards (HACCP, BRC, IFS, AIB, M&S, GMP+, etc.) and can guide you and your employees in meeting these strict audit standards.

Food production line

Retail Sector

Alongside product offer and hospitality, customer perception is also essential in the retail trade for building up a good reputation. Poor hygiene or the presence of pests can have a negative influence on your reputation and lead to harming image. An attractive and clean building is your company’s calling card.

EWS Pest Control has experience with pest prevention in the retail trade. Our employees can inform you about possible risks and draw up a pest management plan in consultation with you. This plan consists of preventive measures, monitoring and effective control if required.