New limit value for benzene

Based on the current knowledge on the effects of several gases and vapors, some of these appear to be more harmful to human health than initially thought. In such cases, the Dutch health council reviews the current limit values and lowers these if deemed necessary.

Benzene is categorized as a carcinogenic gas and is very harmful to human health. The current limit value of benzene is 3.25 mg / m3 (1 ppm). After assessment by the Health Council, it’s decided to reduce this limit (in the Netherlands) by October 1st 2017 to 0.7 mg / m3 (0.2 ppm).

EWS Gas measurement is an expert in measuring harmful gases and vapors. Our measurement techniques are highly suitable for measuring gases such as benzene. More information about our measurements? Have a look at or contact us by email at or by phone at +31 (0) 852 10 05 81.

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International Nuts & Dried fruit congress 2017

From the 19th till the 21st of May the 36th edition of the INC World Congress takes place in the frame of historic and beautiful Chennai, a lively town full of attractions, from ancient temples to long sandy beaches, providing stunning views of the Bay of Bengal.

The INC is known as the largest international gathering of Presidents and CEO’s from the world’s leading nut and Dried Fruit Companies. With an average of 1,000 participants, the INC is an excellent platform for seeking industry opportunities, making deals and networking. Guest speakers will inform and update you on industry statistics, crop forecasts, supply, consumption and market dynamics.

The congress also offers you a varied set of social activities to renew professional relationships in a different and more relaxed atmosphere.

Please visit Nuts Cleaning and Packaging B.V. in the Rajendra Hall (second floor) at booth 2.

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Cluster flies, French field wasps and garden ants.

Spring has started! The temperature is higher; the days are longer and we all are more outside. Also, you can find more and more insects which are awaken from there hibernation.

Examples of these are the cluster flies, French field wasps and garden ants.

Cluster flies:
Cluster flies are found on the in- and outside of buildings during the first warm days of the year, where they hibernated. They will come through the cracks and crevices of the buildings in large numbers, which often may cause inconvenience.

What can you do to reduce the inconvenience by cluster flies to a minimum?

  • Place screens in open windows and doors
  • Placing small grills in front of vents in the wall

French field wasps:
The French field wasps is a social wasp that increasingly is signaled in the Netherlands.
They have a social life style and live in a nation of mostly less than one hundred individuals.
The big difference between the French field wasps and “lemonade” wasps that we know is that they are having an open nest. Therefore, they are good to observe.

Often they build multiple nests next to each other. The number of nests which is made can be as much as 10 nests within a radius of 5 meters. The French field wasp has a sting and can be stabbing like another wasp’s species.

The Queen of this wasp species, different from other wasp species, are as large as the workers and therefore difficult to distinguish from the rest of the wasps.

What do we advise with wasp’s inconvenience?
We always advise at first to be ensure that the species are named (determined) so that they can successfully be removed.

Garden ants:
The first garden ants are already signaled. This are usually the Black Garden Ants or the Glossy Wood Ants. In their search for food ants can be entering your home or business building. Once the sweetness is found, there will be setting out a track by the workers.
The track, called ant street, will be followed by other workers with all the inconvenience that entails.

What can you do to reduce the inconvenience by ants?

  • Ensure spilled sweetness is immediately cleared
  • Avoid overflowing bins and make sure that foods are covered

What can EWS Pest control do for you?
EWS is specialized in the use of pest prevention and control. More information or making an appointment? Please contact EWS Pest control 0183 30 12 70 or fill in the form on our website:

EWS is following Stijn and his team to the top!

Giving up is not an option

On the first of June 2017, almost 5000 people will climb the Alpe d’Huez in France with a maximum of 6 times. During this yearly event participants are running or walking the Alpe d’Huez, but most of them are going to cycle to the top of the mountain, which is 1860 meter high. ‘’Giving up is not an option’’ is their motto to collect as much money as possible for scientific research of the disease cancer.

A group of sporty students and teachers from Altena College Sleeuwijk (NL) will join this challenge as team Altena College 2017. Eco Worldwide Solutions has sponsored Altena College to motivate and to support the students and teachers with their goal.

One of the participants of team Altena College is Stijn Visser, the son of one of our employees. Stijn is 16 years old and he is a very sporty high school student. He is a fanatic soccer player and runner. His personal motto to join the Alpe d’HuZes is: ‘’I want to use my strength and sportsmanship as an effort to beat cancer.’’ It is the first time for Stijn to join this event.

Together we will follow Stijn and his team to the top of the Alpe d’Huez!

About Alpe d’Huez

This sponsor event is organized every year since 2006 by the Alpe d’HuZes Foundation. All participants will climb the Alpe d’Huez to collect money for KWF kankerbestrijding. KWF kankerbestrijding is a foundation that is committed to beat cancer. All participants can have a different reason for joining this event:

• In memory of a deceased loved one who had cancer;
• To inspire people who are fighting against cancer;
• To inspire, help and create awareness.

The mission of this sponsor event is to support the progress of scientific research to all forms of cancer.

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EWS Group opent nieuwe locatie in Barcelona


EWS Group opent een extra locatie aan de hoofdterminal van Port de Barcelona! Deze locatie, met perfecte ligging, is gevestigd op het terrein van transportbedrijf José Llinás E Hijos S.L.. Hier leveren wij dezelfde diensten als op onze locatie aan Passatge de Bering 7. Zo worden er containers geventileerd en is er de mogelijkheid tot het begassen van containers en het uitvoeren van gasmetingen. Dit met de kwaliteit en snelheid die u van ons gewend bent. U kunt uiteraard ook nog gebruik maken van onze diensten op onze locatie aan de Passatge de Bering 7.

Adresgegevens nieuwe locatie:
Telefoonnummer: +34 681 39 32 33
Cal Malet, 11-13 (ZAL II)
08820 – El Prat del Llobregat
Barcelona, España

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