Fosfine (ph3) in vacuum packaging cashews

More than 70 percent of all cashews are fumigated with fosfine right before they are packed. The goal of this is to kill stock harming insects. Cashews are almost always packed in vacuum plastic bags in boxes. Because of the vacuum, the gas can’t get out of the packaging. This brings along a huge risk for the people opening these boxes and plastic packaging afterwards.

Dangers of fosfine

Fosfine is ingested in the body by breathing it in. Fosfine is colourless, scentless and inflammable. It is also deadly in really small concentrations. The limit value of fosfine is almost everywhere in the world  0,1 ppm. Fosfine comes along with enormous health hazards, like shortness of breath, dizziness, drowsiness and even arrhythmias. People who are exposed to fosfine regularly can develop brochitis and anemia, among others.

The solution of EWS Group and NCP Group

EWS Group does not only carry out gas measurement of containers and open areas, but also measures between and inside the goods when there is a reason to do so. With our many years of experience, we measure a minimum of ten boxes in vacuum in a container of cashew nuts. The results of this are shocking. We regularly stumble upon concentrations of fosfine of more than 1000 times the statutory limit!

NCP Group, a sister company of EWS Group, has developed a service regarding the degassing of these batches of cashew nuts in a responsible and safe way. NCP Group rebags the cashews from the boxes in a big bag. We do all this with respiratory protection. The big bags are ventilated by means of an innovative extraction installation. With this installation, the detrimental gases are intercepted by carbon filters. We do this until the concentration of fosfine is below the limit value. After that, the cashews can be packed in any desired packaging.

Would you like to know more about the Gas measurement division of EWS Group? Go to: Are you curious about how NCP Group can help you? Visit

Raised fines for not complying with Dutch Law on Working Conditions

The fines for violating the Dutch Law on Working Conditions have been raised. There still are many companies (half of the lawfully obliged companies) that do not have a risk-inventory and -evaluation (RI&E). Futhermore, the RI&E of companies that do have one, often is incomplete. An RI&E is legally required, but is also very important to guarantee the health and safety of the own employees and to work more efficiently. Read more about this in the article of Evofenedex (Dutch):

RI&E mandatory

The raise of the fine (sometimes with 40 percent) is an interesting development. To prevent a fine, companies must draw up a valid RI&E. Since 2012, the gas measurement of containers is a mandatory part of the risk-inventory and evaluation. EWS Group can assist companies by drawing up a valid RI&E regarding the gas measurement of containers and the evaluation of gas measurements.

EWS can assist

To unburden the customer, we draw up a measurement protocol, in which containers are automatically selected for a gas measurement. This automation makes sure that containers are safe to enter. An important aspect to this is our online EWS Portal. This is a useful tool because of its’ clarity. In the Portal, the customer can find elaborate reports, measurement results and gas measurement certificates. Besides that, our clients get periodic reports every year, with which they can explain themselves to the Dutch health and safety service.

Would you like to know more about how we can help or about our online Portal? Do not hesitate to contact us or go to: gas measurement.

New dilutor CGM 2000 for EWS Gas measurement

EWS Gas measurement is improving its quality and increasing possibilities with the Computerized Calibration System CGM 2000. With this new dilutor we can make a mix of four gases/vapours with a different humidity in our own laboratory. This allows us to calibrate our gas measurement equipment very accurately. Besides that, it allows us to recreate conditions that occur in containers. This makes it possible to measure your containers even more accurate! Do you want to have some more information about our gas measurement services? Go to

Port Quarantine Services SrL established today

EWS Group (Eco Worldwide Solutions Srl.) Italy and Spediporto / Spediservices join forces in PQS Group (Port Quarantine services Srl.).

PQS Group is a cooperation between EWS Group Italy and Spediservices, offering quarantine services in multiple port areas in Italy. Gas measurement, fumigation, BMSB-treatments and many more belong to the broad spectrum of services PQS Group provides.

To celebrate the launch, PQS Group is starting with a special promotion in the port of Genua! Do you have containers arriving in this port? Then you’re in luck. From the 6th to the 10th of may PQS Group is doing free gas measurement demonstrations! Interested? Contact Marta Mottin on +39 348 26 84 121 or send an email to

EWS Group is an IMFO member!

We are proud to announce that EWS Group is now a member of the International Maritime Fumigation Organization (IMFO)! IMFO is an organisation that aims at:

  • World-wide standards for in-transit fumigation of stored product insects in all life-stages.
  • World-wide coordinated service of results in accordance with United Nations International Maritime Organisations (IMO) recommendations.

We are glad that we can help to reach these goals with our high quality services!

EWS & Mainhub: New logistic approach for container fumigation

Fumigation is a type of insecticide treatment, using toxic gasses. On yearly base thousands of containers are fumigated in the Port of Antwerp Containers with wood logs for export to China all need fumigation as a quarantine treatment. Since this is a volume business with relatively low value cargo, the logistics of these containers is a great challenge.

EWS & LINEAS INTERMODAL joined forces and opened a new fumigation area at the MAINHUB rail terminal in Antwerp. EWS is an international company, specialized in fumigation. LINEAS Intermodal offers a complete terminal-to-terminal intermodal rail solution and has an extensive pan-European network spanning 50 terminals in 10 countries.

“We believe this is a very strong logistic concept”, says Michiel Verwerft, Int. Fumigation manager at EWS. “We have to deal with growing congestion problems at different terminals and the planned road works at Antwerp Linkeroever in 2018 will also be a bottleneck for mobility in the Port of Antwerp. MAINHUB is strategically located at Antwerp Rechteroever and containers can be delivered by truck or by rail”.

Sam Bruynseels, Managing Director Lineas Intermodal: “By extending our services we are able to keep our service level high for our intermodal clients. The creation of this fumigation area of the Maintub terminals responds to the needs of a large number of our customers.”

At the MAINHUB terminal a fumigation area is created for 40x 40ft containers. After fumigation the containers can be transported directly to international destinations by the Green Xpress Network or by the LORO rail-service. This dedicated ‘fast lane’ connects MAINHUB with the major container terminals at Antwerp Linkeroever (Q1700 + 1742). This results in saving time and money, and less trucks on the road.

At the moment, Mainhub is connected with:

  • Germany (Ludwigshafen & Schkopau)
  • Austria (Vienna & Wels)
  • Czech Republic (Lovosice)
  • Sweden (Malmö)
  • Switzerland (Basel)
  • Italy (Milan)
  • Spain (Granollers, Taragona & Madrid)
  • Luxemburg via CFL
  • Metz via LIS
  • Dourges via Shuttlewise

With the SOLAS-option, fumigation on the terminal and the fast delivery by rail to the export terminals, we can offer you a full service package and a great logistic solution!

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Fumigation and gas free services at sea

The fumigation of various cargo during sea transport (“In-Transit Fumigations”) is a common treatment in the international trade of grain products.
Millions of tons of cargo are fumigated during sea voyage from their country of origin to the final destination.

Gas measurements on board of ships
Fumigation inside the vessel’s hold is often carried out during the voyage.
As the used fumigants are highly toxic gasses, gas control must be done to ensure safe working conditions at the port of discharge.
A gas-free certificate must be present before discharge can start.

EWS is specialized in these gas measurements. Our experienced fumigation experts can do these measurements at sea or in the port throughout Europe. After our measurement we issue a gas-free certificate.

EWS is also able to remove fumigant residues in multiple European ports. The ship can continue the journey towards its final destination while being properly ventilated.

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Visit our booth at the ECE!

The most important international meeting point for the cereal, agrifood and feed business in 2017, is coming to Brussels! The European Commodities Exchange unites 38 national Exchanges from 12 European countries and has its head office at the Commodities Exchange in Strasbourg. The ECE is the most important annual event for international agri-food commodities with more than 3 000 operators from 56 countries and approximately 120 booths.

Eco Worldwide Solutions is attending the ECE as an exhibitor. Visit booth F6 for more information about EWS and its services. We will be sharing our booth with our sister company VacQPack. VacQPack is specialized in packing dry food, using its combination of a measurable MAP allied with vacuum technique. More information about VacQPack? Visit

New limit value for benzene

Based on the current knowledge on the effects of several gases and vapors, some of these appear to be more harmful to human health than initially thought. In such cases, the Dutch health council reviews the current limit values and lowers these if deemed necessary.

Benzene is categorized as a carcinogenic gas and is very harmful to human health. The current limit value of benzene is 3.25 mg / m3 (1 ppm). After assessment by the Health Council, it’s decided to reduce this limit (in the Netherlands) by October 1st 2017 to 0.7 mg / m3 (0.2 ppm).

EWS Gas measurement is an expert in measuring harmful gases and vapors. Our measurement techniques are highly suitable for measuring gases such as benzene. More information about our measurements? Have a look at or contact us by email at or by phone at +31 (0) 852 10 05 81.

For the official announcement (in Dutch), click here .

International Nuts & Dried fruit congress 2017

From the 19th till the 21st of May the 36th edition of the INC World Congress takes place in the frame of historic and beautiful Chennai, a lively town full of attractions, from ancient temples to long sandy beaches, providing stunning views of the Bay of Bengal.

The INC is known as the largest international gathering of Presidents and CEO’s from the world’s leading nut and Dried Fruit Companies. With an average of 1,000 participants, the INC is an excellent platform for seeking industry opportunities, making deals and networking. Guest speakers will inform and update you on industry statistics, crop forecasts, supply, consumption and market dynamics.

The congress also offers you a varied set of social activities to renew professional relationships in a different and more relaxed atmosphere.

Please visit Nuts Cleaning and Packaging B.V. in the Rajendra Hall (second floor) at booth 2.

For more information on NCP, please visit our website

For more information on the International Nuts & Dried Fruit Congress, please klick here